The Importance of IT Security

With news of a data breach announced regularly, and the resulting upset from consumers, leading to lower sales and profits being down, the need for IT security is real.

Before deciding that you’re making cuts or eliminating the IT budget altogether because you haven’t needed them in the past year, consider the importance of IT security and its role in your business.

Hiring the right IT team for your company has never been more important.

Reasons IT Security is Important

Compliance with the law and an obligation to safeguard customer data: There are a lot of laws and regulations that require you to keep your customer’s data safe. To make sure you are always in compliance, choose a provider that is up to industry standards in this area and takes this as seriously as you do.

Phishing: Phishing is where you are tricked into handing over personal data that is used to steal money from your account, or your identity. While this might not seem like something a company IT team would deal with, it’s really more about educating your employees so they don’t become a victim of fraud.

Ransomware: An attack of this type encrypts your data and renders it unusable until you pay a ransom. Criminals like to choose this because often businesses can’t afford to fight back. Real-time security protection and regular backup routines, together with having an IT security specialist on hand, are the best way to protect your company.

Traffic: Exposed to high traffic, your website or system can become unstable and vulnerable to attack. A solid IT team can prevent this and deliver a high-quality user experience instead.

Increased network performance: Investing in an IT team alongside your new network facility will result in less lag time and few downtimes, boosting profits and reducing costs.

No Longer Invisible

IT security teams used to be rather invisible, and they might wish it was still that way. Security was their problem, the techie’s responsibility, and those in the C-suite rarely gave them a thought.

At that time—which is not that long ago–most people thought as long as all the right tools were in place (fire walls, antivirus, and encryption) that they were doing all they needed to.

Today, your IT security team must deal with security on multiple devices, use of critical applications in the cloud and much more. At the same time technology took a huge jump forward, so did cybercrime, adding a critical layer to the need for security.

What Should We Do?

How do you fight against this growing threat that can seem overwhelming at times? There are several measures you can take to protect you and your company.

Keep informed and train your employees not to click on suspicious links, to have secure passwords, and pay attention. If they think there is a problem, call the IT department immediately.

Fund more than antivirus programs. With current threats, more is needed and it can be expensive. Still, it will cost far less than a cyber attack.

Buy insurance. Not only does it protect against financial risk, it can help provide the type of specialists you’ll need to help your IT team take care of a data breach.

Think seriously about backup and recovery. If you are hit by ransomware, and experts say companies are hit every 40 seconds, you won’t have to worry about paying anyone if your backup and disaster recovery efforts are up-to-date.

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