IT Security Lock

IT Security Beyond Network Health

Before computers, business and personal data were often printed, and stored in file cabinets or safes.  A criminal would need to break in to obtain the physical copy in order to steal more information.  Alarms, locks, and other physical security measures were taken to stop crime.  Today, everything is saved on a computer, server, and/or cloud.  Criminals can steal information from their computer chair.  Now, you have to lock down your network to keep it secure.

What Can The Security Enhancement Provide?

  • Anti-Phishing

    URL Filtering, Phish Testing, and CEO Fraud and Spoofing Prevention.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Even if your password is compromised, you need a secure PIN to log in.

  • Remediation

    We audit it, we find it, and then we fix it using vulnerability scans and best practices.

Why Do You Need It?

Defending against cyber criminals is the new normal.  It’s no longer just about repairing a failed computer, or recovering a lost file.  Today, we have to defend against real-live threats working to attack you, and your employees.

Applying Enterprise-Level Security Is A Requirement In Today’s Business Culture

Additional IT Security Services: Employee Phish Testing, IT Security Audit, Complimentary Dark Web Scan, Employee Cyber Security Training