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Why Choose Magnitech?

The Magnitech Experience Provides You Peace of Mind

We own it

We take full responsibility as your IT department, from daily tickets to your annual strategy.

We Set Expectations & Communicate Clearly

Defining objectives & communicating them clearly is our specialty.

We Follow Up & Work Accurately

Consistent follow up & precise work is engrained in our culture.

We Document & Learn from the Past

Tired of the same old same old? We are too. We like to move onward & upward with accurate analytics & reporting.

Our Story

Magnitech has been serving small, medium, and enterprise sized businesses across the nation since 2010. “Magni” is the Latin root for “great”. Providing great technology and service is at our core. Founded on the idea that small and mid-sized businesses needed a virtual IT department that is affordable, responsible, and reliable, our goal is to make sure businesses can function smoothly and safely with our managed IT and cybersecurity services. Magnitech has been recognized with awards of excellence, such as, four consecutive years of making the MSP501, Channel Futures Influencer of the Year, Channel Futures Channel Leaders of the Year, and Best Places to Work Illinois.

Our colleagues at Magnitech understand the importance of culture, team, and training.  We continue to enhance our services to remain world-class among our peers.

Letter from our CEO

My first experience at a managed services provider (MSP) was in 2003 as a level 1 support technician.  I spent several of my early years working in different IT services businesses.  I’ve personally witnessed every type of IT services model that there is.  I documented the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Building my own successful IT services was always in my mind, but I needed to work on my technical skills.  In 2010, after my eldest daughter was born, I began to draw up Magnitech’s business model.  Once I won a few deals, I incorporated Magnitech, Inc.

The model was simple.  We will literally be your IT department.  We will lay out what the business needs to spend on IT every month.  We will use that budget on a technology stack that includes tools, maintenance, support, backups, endpoint detection and response – basics that you NEED to have.  We will support those tools, your end users, the applications, hardware, and manage all of the systems.  We also work with your business to develop standards around hardware and network security.  We will manage other vendors that connect to your business systems.  We will completely take it off your plate.  As new business threats emerge, we are prepared to help you make adjustments and limit your risk.

As the years went by, Magnitech reinvested its earnings into professional development, and our community.  We regularly attend industry conferences, are decorated by our peers, and have contributed to our channel.  Magnitech and its people serve on multiple advisory boards and non profit boards.  We love giving back to a community that’s been so kind to us!

We now serve businesses all over the United States.

As I write this to you, new threats are being worked on and tested.  Bad guys never stop.  Well guess what?  Neither do we.  We are prepared to defend your business at all times.

If you are looking for status quo and view IT as a painful cost of doing business, then we might not be the best choice for you.

If you want an IT department that will ask questions with strategic intent, listen to what your business goals are, and build your evolving business forward technology solution, designed to help you reach your goals, then Magnitech is the next call you should make.

Core Values


It takes a team to build success. No individual can carry it on their own. We work together but then work with you to achieve success.


Magnitech technicians have their individual expertise, but then cross train with their colleagues to achieve complete understanding and competency.


A strong positive culture at Magnitech results in a better customer experience.

Community Outreach


At Magnitech, we don’t only value our employees. We value and invest in the success of our community. Magnitech is committed to supporting the local community through a variety of partnerships.

Magnitech has supported or continues to support the following organizations:


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