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Your Personalized IT Department

The scale, manpower, and technological expertise of a fully staffed IT department for a fraction of the cost of full-time employees.

IT Management

Design the perfect infrastructure for your business and then support it with 24×7 monitoring and information technology experts.

IT Security

Protect your network and data with advanced cybersecurity techniques that will prevent your information from getting into the wrong hands.


Creating the scale and flexibility to work anywhere, any time.

Protect Your Success

Cloud Services

Run your business in a hosted environment rather than on-premise.

Protect Your Success

Microsoft 365

Email messaging, online meetings, collaboration has never been easier.

Protect Your Success

Disaster Recovery

Your data will always be safe and accessible from multiple locations with multiple restore points.

Protect Your Success

Hosted Communications

Give your staff a powerful business phone system that will give them a voice that will be heard anywhere.

IT Support Since 2010

It takes a team to deliver success. Discovering your breakthrough starts with technology.







Our colleagues at Magnitech understand the importance of culture, team, and training. We continue to enhance our services to remain world-class among our peers.

Our Reviews

Protect Your Success Waves
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Magnitech Solutions was instrumental in configuring our office workstations into a unified network.

- Sam La Banco Jr.

We have been with Magnitech for many years and it was one of the best business decisions our company has ever made.

- Kim Conrad

Since implementation, we have realized business efficiencies & the customer support from Magnitech has been exemplary.

- David Pelz

We hired Magnitech to keep our network and systems up and available, and Magnitech has consistently delivered.

- Nick Halper

Magnitech works with us as a business partner, not a vendor.

- Edward Grassé

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What is IT Compliance?

What is IT Compliance?

The term IT compliance is frequently heard these days in relation to running an organization and making sure that they keep within the regulations of a third party or a specific client. It is essentially a process that companies go through in order to keep within these predetermined guidelines or boundaries. The main goal of…

How to Determine if a Cybersecurity Provider is Right for Your Business

How to Determine if a Cybersecurity Provider is Right for Your Business

Finding the right cybersecurity provider is not an easy thing. Unlike choosing a service provider for something like your cell phone (where most services offer the same thing), a cybersecurity company and/or product that you choose is not a simple matter of preference; you need a reliable provider that you can count on. As you…

How MDR is More Than Threat Detection

How MDR is More Than Threat Detection

Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent than ever. Today, companies need to detect threats before they become a large-scale issue if they want to effectively protect their data, their client’s data, and the threat that online criminals pose. Managed detection response services (MDR) are the best way to catch cyber threats in their initial stages, which…

Ransomware: What Is It and What You Can Do to Prevent and Respond to It

Ransomware: What Is It and What You Can Do to Prevent and Respond to It

The number of ransomware incidents continues to rise, and according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), in 2021, losses from ransomware exceeded more than $49 million! This number doesn’t include lost business, time, wages, files, or equipment, or any third-party remediation services acquired by a victim.   While business email compromise (BEC), a form of phishing where…

Five Reasons Companies Should Be On-Guard from Online Hackers

Five Reasons Companies Should Be On-Guard from Online Hackers

The severity of having your company’s network breached is one of the top concerns of business owners in 2023. As technology evolves, so do hackers. Their tactics are tricky, misleading, and calculated. Small to medium sized businesses are the largest target, as they typically do not have the defense systems in place like major corporations.…

How to Create a Cybersecurity Plan for Your Small Business

How to Create a Cybersecurity Plan for Your Small Business

Technology is rapidly evolving, with the advancement of both hardware and software that is intended to make our lives easier, there comes an increase of cybersecurity threats meant to bring harm to businesses and individuals across the nation. The reason that these threats shouldn’t be taken lightly is because all businesses today hold some or…

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