IT Support company for small business

Magnitech provides IT support to small businesses across the USA. Our team of dedicated IT staff understands the risk small businesses are under, and we custom tailor IT solutions to fit your business needs.

Small business IT support is one of the first things written off when looking at budget, but what some business owners don’t see is the outsourcing an IT staff such as Magnitech can actually save dollars in the long run. Magnitech is committed to providing solutions that are custom to your business needs. Our services provide proactive IT strategy to your business to protect your company and increase productivity. When technology is running smoothly, business runs smoothly.

Gone are the days when the business owner spends hours trying to get a printer to print, or get the team back online. Let Magnitech oversee your technological needs so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. Your day revolves around technology, and you need your technology up to date and secure.

If your company collects and/or stores personal information, don’t you think it’s important to have an armed IT staff who knows how to handle and resolve, or even prevent data breaches and disasters?

Don’t fear costly repair bills from your IT company. With Magnitech’s IT managed services, you can finally budget your technology into your monthly plan.

The Benefits

Our team of IT professionals can help with all hardware and software needs, from maintenance of existing systems, to determining which new software is not only needed, but the most cost-effective for you and your business.

There are many other functions IT performs that not only impact the bottom line, but also keep your company, its customers and employees safe. Those include: Monitoring usage, educating staff, preventing breaches, and maximizing profit.

Why Magnitech?

At Magnitech, we are committed to being proactive. We actively monitor your network and fix any problems as soon as they are discovered, often before you even realize there is an issue. This translates into increased productivity and lowered costs for your business. At the end of the day, we like to say “We own it.” We solve your problem from start to finish.

We are also your defense on the playing field, protecting your network from hackers, cyber criminals, vindictive employees, and malware. Our IT technicians keep your precious data safe from accidental deletions, power failures and hardware glitches. Our dark web monitoring scans the dark web for any compromised data and notifies you immediately – before hackers have a chance to cause damage.

In today’s technological world, having an excellent IT staff protecting you is no longer an option, it’s critical. Don’t put your business at risk. Instead, protect your customers, your systems, and your bottom line.

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