Cloud Infrastructure

Local, Private Cloud Services Built Specifically For Your Business

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a private, cloud-hosted solution designed and built specifically for your business.  Rather than spend capital on servers, firewalls, and storage devices on premise, you can have it all designed and hosted at Magnicloud.

What else can it do?

  • cost-effective

    Save you cash by using a monthly operational cost vs. up front capital expenses with hardware you may not need.

  • snapshots

    Provide hourly snapshots of the network for easy and reliable data recovery.

  • performance

    Receive world-class performance from your local, private cloud with Magnitech cloud services.

Why is that important?

Most businesses have server needs. Servers can be expensive. Sometimes to save money, businesses will use a workstation to host critical applications and files.  Doing that puts the business at risk. Saving money with DIY networks will go for naught when the equipment fails and there is no backup. Hosting with Magnicloud cloud services ensures availability, performance, and security while backing up your data every hour on the hour.

Cloud hosting your business is a nice way to scale, optimize, and save money while staying current.