How an MSP Protects Your Company Part 2

If you missed what a Managed Service Provider is, check it out before you take a deeper look into how an MSP protects your company. If you missed Part 1: How Managed Services Saves Your Business, do not worry, you can read it here.

Now, let’s go into how an MSP protects your company from the human element.

Data breaches can happen in many forms. Some of it is all electronic, and you never know the human behind the mask. Occasionally, breaches can be simple and broken down to the human level. Whether it is a person walking into your office and physically stealing data, or an internal employee who is simply lacking training.

Everyday Criminals

If you have an open door policy at your business, it could make it very easy for a criminal to walk right inside. In most cases, crime revolves around opportunity. Once the criminal is inside, it would be very easy for them to poke around computers that aren’t locked or secured. A few searches and the criminal can access files labeled “credit cards” or “passwords.” It would only take a couple of minutes, and the fraudster would be walking away with bank statements or credit card numbers.

How an MSP protects you: MSPs have seen it all. We are well versed in simple security, and we have best practices that implement proactive measures to ensure someone can’t just walk away with private data. Once we have audited your network, we can find your vulnerabilities and take necessary measures to secure your data and your network by preventing unauthorized use of computers and wireless internet.

Untrained Employees

Most employees do not come fully equipped with cybersecurity skills and best practices. Typically, employees are hired based on their ability to perform the specific job listed. Cybersecurity skills are different than technical skills. We are talking about the basics of staying safe online, and simple phishing knowledge. All it takes is one uninformed employee clicking a bad link in an email and you could have your sensitive financial information in the hands of the wrong people. All it takes is some simple education and your employees can turn from the weakest link to your defense system.

How an MSP Protects You: Magnitech offers training for employees on cybersecurity best practices. We know how common phishing attempts are, and we want our clients to be armed with the best tools to navigate through the cybersecurity world. Our training is basic and simple, but makes a huge difference in your defense. We even offer phish testing and simulation to give real time examples to employees and keep a pulse on your overall employee knowledge on the subject. the more your employees know, the less likely they are to endanger your network.

Vindictive Employees

It is rare, but it definitely happens. We are talking about the vindictive employee who has malicious intentions. This employee is the one with the bad attitude, who could likely take their wrath out on the company. These employees are very dangerous, mainly because they know your system and have access to your data to begin with. Companies need proper off-boarding processes and procedure or employees could have accesses for days, months, or even years. 

How an MSP protects you: Here at Magnitech, we have extensive on-boarding and off-boarding procedures for employees of our clients. We want to make sure new employees have access to what they need on day one of work, and employees who are laid off or fired have all access removed immediately. This eliminates the possibility of an angry employee lashing out on a company through their network or private data. We utilize proper strategy to make sure that never happens.

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