Four Tips for More Secure Passwords

Passwords are a part of our daily online life, and building secure passwords is becoming more and more important. Today we are going to go through 4 tips for more secure passwords. The goal when creating a new password is to create something uncrackable. Below are simple steps you can take to make this happen.

Use a Phrase

First, use a phrase. Try to make it around 12 letters long and make it simple (for you) to remember. You can integrate things you like to do to make it more memorable for you. You don’t have to go crazy here. Think of a phrase that is easy for you to remember, and go from there. Our next steps will be built into this phrase you selected to make your password even more secure.

Keep each account unique

You have heard this before, but it is so important. Do not reuse passwords. This should be your number one priority when building secure passwords and locking down your accounts. Simple rule of thumb; never use the same password more than once.

PLay with Spelling

Changing the spelling of a word can help make your password stronger. Use homonyms such as Two instead of To or Ant instead of Aunt.

Random Capitalizations and Numbers

Lastly, use random capitalization and numbers to make your passwords more unique. Just remember to not go overboard or your password will be impossible to remember. You can establish some consistency across your passwords to help keep things in check. For example, you can use a capital letter on the second word of every password you create.

We hope you use these four tips when creating your passwords. Secure passwords are a small piece of IT Security but they are so important.