Managed Services

Managed Information Technology Services

Managed Services is a comprehensive list of services allowing customers to enjoy all of the benefits of a fully integrated IT department for a fraction of the cost. Our promise to deliver "Peace of Mind" to our customers will be achieved working tirelessly to ensure your network is always available to your business. With a primary focus on being proactive, IT issues are prevented before they become problems that need to be fixed. We have helped our clients save tens of thousands of dollars per year, while giving them a stable network that is easy to maintain.

Service Offerings

Unlimited Reactive Technical Support - Magnitech Solutions provides our customers which a real-time centralized help desk which serves as a single point of contact to coordinate solutions for all of their technology needs.  Your business will have its own dedicated remote support team of individuals certified and trained to help you resolve any IT related issues.  When necessary, Magnitech will deliver on-site support.

Proactive Network Monitoring - Magnitech Solutions provides real-time, proactive remote monitoring of your network to help ensure maximum availabilty and performance.  Our team of engineers works continually throughout the business day to keep your network in top condition.  Learn more about proactive Network Monitoring.

24 x 7 Network Security - Magnitech Solutions provides a comprehensive array of security solutions designed to keep your network safe from hackers, intrusion, viruses, malware, and Internet threats with a managed firewall and managed anti-virus.  Learn more about Network Security.

Online Data Backup - Your data will be safe with Magnitech DataVault.  Our data retention solution is designed to back up your company's electronic data redundantly; both locally, and to our secure, encrypted online vault.  Learn more about Online Data Backup.

Email Message Filtering And Continuity - Our cloud-based filtering solution takes care of all unwanted email messages, viruses, and email attacks.  In case of email service interruption for any reason, your locally hosted email will enjoy the benefits of our email continuity system, whereby your email messages will be managed offsite with us while service is being restored.  Learn more about Email Spam Filtering.

2016 Managed IT Services Menu

     SERVICEGold     Platinum Diamond       
          Reactive Remote Technical Support (8x5) S           S   S              
          Proactive Network Monitoring (24x7) S           S   S              
          DataVault Online Backup S           S   S              
          Email Spam Filtering and Continuity S           S   S              
          Managed Firewall and Network Security S
          S   S              
          Managed Desktop Security S           S   S              
          On Site Technical Support O           S   S              
          Nights and Weekends On Call O           S   S              
          Project Services Time O           O   S              
          Business Disaster Recovery* O           O   O              
          Magnicloud Sync™ O           O   O              
          *Business Disaster Recover (BDR) is offered as an upgrade to DataVault Online Backup. Clients using BDR will not need DataVault Online Backup for servers. DataVault may still be used for select workstation data backups.
           S = Standard  O = Optional