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Employee Cybersecurity training

Employees are the core of any business and are typically the main target for cyber criminals. Making sure your employees and personnel stay up to date with cyber security knowledge is imperative to your cyber security strategy. The world of scams is constantly evolving, and your approach to defense and protecting your business should evolve also.

Trained and aware employees are critical to securing your organization and assets. An effective, on going training strategy is simple to initiate and implement, and could save you in the long run. Reducing your company’s risk and vulnerability can set you apart from your competitors.

Security awareness training and phishing simulation testing go hand in hand. Phishing scams are almost undetectable due to advancements in the cyber threat industry as criminals have found ways to make their email attempts as real as possible. Phishing simulation tests employees on how they would respond in a real-life phishing attack. We can send these tests at staggered times to produce a life-like testing environment for your staff. We will track which employees have clicked on those emails, who has given away their password, and who ignored the email.

Once a learning gap is detected, employee cyber security training is much more effective and resonates with your team members.

Why you need an integrated, ongoing program

-Cyber-attacks are on the rise; particularly among small and mid-sized businesses

-You may have the most up-to-date and strongest security systems in place, but this will be a wasted investment if you don’t also train and test your staff

-Threats are ever-evolving and become more sophisticated and harder to detect. Regular training on the latest criminal tactics will help mitigate risk

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