Apple iOS 7.1 Comes At A Price

If you have an iOS device, you may have upgraded as soon as your device prompted you to do so. iOS 7.1 has a lot of bug fixes and enhancements. For example, the iPhone no longer freezes as commonly as it used to when switching calls. The iOS is noticeably faster and more responsive than ever. There are some issues, however…

What is good:

Less Crashing
List View in the Calendar
Bold Fonts

What is not good:

Very Poor Battery Life

iOS 7.1 has a terrible battery life which is very frustrating for some of us who came to appreciate the above average life of iOS devices. As someone who heavily uses their phone for business, I can barely make it through the day with a Mophie case. I tried calling my wife on a Saturday at 3 PM while she was out shopping, and her phone is dead. That’s ridiculous. Apple needs to fix this ASAP. If you haven’t upgraded to 7.1 yet, I wouldn’t recommend doing so until a patch has been released.