Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring is an early warning detection system designed to limit bad surprises which can result in business interruption.

Magnitech's goal of delivering peace of mind starts with the fundamental principle of being a proactive IT company. By providing a 24x7 real-time, proactive remote monitoring solution, we are able to help ensure maximum availability and performance. Remote network monitoring provided by Magnitech Solutions will prevent potential issues from becoming costly disasters, thus limiting business interruption. That's peace of mind.

Key Benefits

Real Time Up/Down Monitoring - Most IT managed service providers (MSPs) have network monitors that provide a "down" alert at a 15 minute counter. Meaning, after being down for 15 minutes, they'll receive an email alert indicating an outage. Unless it's after business hours, your end-users will know before your IT vendor. Our state-of-the-art network monitors alert and sound an alarm in our NOC within 1 minute. We will be able to respond as quickly as if we were sitting right in your office.

Performance Monitoring - Having the ability to measure the performance of the CPU, hard drives, and memory, we can stay ahead of the curve on processes that might become problematic for your network in the future. We can use those measurements to come up with a solution.

Event Log Monitoring - Errors in the event log can warn us that a potential failure is on the horizon. Early detection can help us address errors before they translate into downtime.

Hard Disk Monitoring - Monitoring hard disks will prevent failures due to fragmentation, bad sectors, and file system errors.

Anti-Virus Monitoring - Monitoring anti-virus software keeps definitions up to date, and your network safe from virus attacks.

Data Backup Monitoring - Monitoring backups daily will ensure that your most value asset, your data, is backed up properly without errors.

Patch Management - Our systems allow us to proactively plan, manage, and deploy Microsoft updates to servers and workstations on your network.

Remote Network Monitoring is a standard solution offered to Managed Services customers.