Information Technology Services @ Magnitech

Exceptional IT Services Delivering Peace of Mind

Magnitech Solutions will focus on your technology needs, while your business focuses on being productive. Our services and solutions are custom tailored to fit your business needs and your budget. We work to serve your interests, not ours.

Our Response Guarantee
Business interruption due to technical challenges can be damaging and incredibly frustrating. When your business requires technical support, you’ll need a company that you can rely on and trust during your time of need. With Magnitech Solutions Managed Services, you will:

•  Receive a customized service-level agreement that clearly outlines our response time.
•  Have a technical team standing by to answer your phone calls.
•  Receive mission-critical, on-site technical support when required.
•  Speak to knowledgeable, experienced IT professionals.
•  Feel like you have your own concierge service for IT.
•  Have peace of mind.


Our Service Offerings
Our service offerings guarantee you'll have the best techs, service and value so that your business can forget about IT challenges and focus on your business. That's the peace of mind we'll deliver.

Managed Services Managed Services

Our top seller, and best value. Managed Services focuses on being proactive, rather than reactive. Managed Services gives your business a real-time comprehensive suite of technical support, maintenance, and management services for a monthly, flat fee.

Cloud Services Cloud Services

Have you ever thought about hosted server, but don't know where to start? Do you want, or require, email continuity? Do you need to archive and store data off site? We'll help you! Cloud Technology increases network reliability, and reduces capital expenses.

Project Services Project Services

Do you need a new network? We can help you! Our Technical Project Managers can design, build, and implement new infrastructure custom tailored for your business. We also offer consulting services and technical advice.

Trusted Advisors Trusted Advisors

The Magnitech Trusted Advisor® Services plan is a comprehensive bundle that takes IT management and technology services to the next level with a dedicated resource that will work on your behalf to serve your interests.

Support Services Support Services

Hourly-rate fee based service for your business. Reactive technical support, with optional preventative maintenance for your network. Our support services are custom tailored to fit your budget.

E-Waste Services E-Waste Services

An environmentally friendly way to dispose of old computers, hardware and electronical devices. It is the only way you can be assured the sensitive data on your storage devices has been securely destroyed and unobtainable by digital thieves.

Turn to Magnitech Solutions as the single source for all your technology needs and gain peace of mind knowing your computers and network are managed by the most trusted technology advisor and leading provider of Managed IT Services and Consulting for small and mid-sized businesses in the Chicago area.