Proactive vs. Reactive: Which Is Best For Your Business?

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Businesses today rely on computer technology more than ever to run their business. It's become necessary to maintain a Chicago IT Support budget for your computer systems. Many businesses will decide to work on an as-needed basis; only calling their Chicago IT Services firm when there is a problem with their computer systems. This can be very stressful at times, especially when your vendor isn't as responsive as you'd like.

Proactive support is a key element in Magnitech's Managed IT Services. Your network will be monitored and maintained from a centralized NOC (Network Operations Center) where technicians are always ready and available to help work on reactive issues remotely. Nagging, recurring issues can be prevented early from network monitoring solutions, and often times the technical support is unlimited on a fixed fee basis. Hardware failures can happen whether you are proactive or not, but recurring issues should fade and disappear when your IT vendor works to resolve technology issues. There is still a need for on-site technical support when the computers need to be physically touched, but usually 95% of the work can be done remotely.

Reactive support companies often spend most of their days on the road, going from client to client on a routine schedule. This model allows for consultants to interact with clients on a regular basis, right in their office. Consultants can perform system checks on the servers, and work on any IT issues right on-site. Solid relationships can be formed through this model, but the nature of the tech's schedule can often stretch them too thin, resulting in less availability. Consultants on-site will have a harder time maintaining SLAs (service level agreements) because they cannot be in two places at once.

The key for your business is asking yourself: Can we afford to be down for extended periods of time, especially when we could have used a proactive strategy to prevent the outage?


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